by Low Dérive

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We wanna thank Mauro for his patience.
We did it without knowing sorry if we have messed up sometimes.
Thanks for listening.


released April 17, 2013

Produced by Low Dérive and Mauro Scarfia.
All songs by Low Dérive.
All lyrics by Fabio Poma and Andrea Melandri.

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Rosewood Basement Productions studio between December 2012 and April 2013 by Mauro Scarfia.

Played by
Alberto Visconti
Marco Guerrini
Andrea Melandri
Fabio Poma

Mauro Scarfia (voice in Aelita and BCFTR + ghost solino in Aelita).




Low Dérive Milan, Italy

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Track Name: I Know
I know you think you got it
we've lost control you know it
can you make it through w/out me?
I know, I know
I know you’ll go down the drain
We’ve lost our own way to explain
thought you will be there crawling
I know, I know
you’ll never see what I see
I know, I know
Track Name: Aelita
Sometimes we give the fucking all we got but
sometimes to walk an inch we can't but run a mile
illusions take me home until we explode
Sometimes we paint the picture darker than it's
sometimes we close our eyes so we can't deny
all that blood on our face how sweet it taste
We bear scars our bones are broken
we should hold on like brothers
this time I might fall but I am not alone
the band is playing and the ground is shaking
my bliss their attempt to brake strings
and we are singing to words we don't even know
Track Name: Battle Cries for the Revolution
It’s time to leave this place the glass is empty and the
words echoes through my head they can’t find a reason to be there
You said you had enough and I think I’m rotting on
How fucked up is this place a dead fly is everything you might chase
You’re staring at yourself through the shard of fucking glass
do you like what you see? did you became what you always feared? (for god sake)
We forgot to check for monsters under our beds
then we realize they live inside our fucked up heads
Well I’m afraid, are you afraid? It’s not the rain, it’s not today
Old fellow in despair how sweet it taste to get drenched
everybody is hanging out, damp but their cheeks don't know what I'm talking about
we've seen this plot before these streets were left unfold
floating slowly all around we were already burned off when we hit the ground
Well I’m afraid, are you afraid? It’s not the rain, it’s not today